About Me

Hello there! Welcome 😀

Typical 28-year-old, travelling as much as I can while working a 9-to-5 job. Always on the lookout for ways to maximise value out of the flights, hotels, travel itineraries and annual leave. Enjoys natural sceneries and cultural sites but can’t stand being away from the city for too long. So, expect to see a bit of everything in the itineraries shared. I typically over-plan for trips to new destinations but am somewhat open to deviating from plans. I’m also a huge theme park fan and hate sports.

Occasionally, I dabble beyond travel and write whatever comes to mind or interests me. At the moment, these topics would be personal finance, beauty, and online shopping.

about me eunice tan

Contact me at hello@eunicetan.co if you have any questions/comments or if you would like to collaborate on any travel-related campaigns.

And in case you’re interested:

  • Born and bred in Singapore
  • I’m currently working as a product manager
  • Photos are usually taken using a Canon DSLR (used to be a 500D, now a 70D), iPhone 6s or GX-7
  • Lightroom is my go-to photo editing software on the com
  • I use VSCO on my phone