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11 days in Taiwan: Taroko National Park on day 7

Qingshui Cliff Cing shui duanya hualien taiwan

Being a lazy tourist, I signed up for a half-day tour in Taroko National Park with Mini Voyage, the hostel I was staying at. I didn’t do any research about the national park at all, because I thought everything would be taken care of by the tour. But what I probably should have noticed, was …

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11 days in Taiwan: Day 6 from Taichung to Hualien

hualien, justice bao, gongzhengbaozi

Last morning in Taichung and my biggest regret was not trying one of the breakfast shops near my homestay. Regardless, after packing my loots, I had to drop off the minsu keys at the letterbox, flag a cab for Taichung HSR and set off for Taipei before changing to the TRA to Hualien. I was …

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11 days in Taiwan: Day 5 in Park Lane by CMP

View at Park Lane by CMP

I think Park Lane by CMP is a relatively new development. It’s a vibrant area with a cool museum, park and Eslite (just about the most popular hangout bookstore in Taiwan) and you just can’t miss it if you are in Taichung for the weekend. If I had to voice out one grouse, it’s the …

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11 days in Taiwan: Getting to 921 Earthquake Museum on day 4

outdoor exhibiti in 921 earthquake museum of taiwan

I expended almost all my energy the previous day and just wanted to sleep in for the day but the lure of cheap and good breakfast in Taiwan compelled me to get up for a meal.

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11 days in Taiwan: Day 3 in Lavender Cottage

lavender cottage entrance taiwan

After a bumpy 2 hours drive from Sun Moon Lake, we finally got to the elusive Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林). Along the way, we spotted signs tied onto lamp posts and trees to encourage drivers to press on; it was that deep inside the mountains. The farm is like a secret garden dreamt up by two …

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11 days in Taiwan: Day 3 in Sun Moon Lake

ferries at sun moon lake

Day three was a real hectic day as we were driving from Cingjing to Sun Moon Lake, then to Xinshe, before reaching Taichung to settle down. I am not too sure what we were thinking but we only spent a short two hours in Sun Moon Lake so be prepared for an extremely condensed itinerary …